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Darren J. Martini

My family and I relocated to Southwest Florida from New Jersey in the mid 70s and, since then, I certainly have seen some major changes. Being local for over 40 years, I've grow up here and love it. Over the years, I have developed a great knowledge of the areas. I met my wife of 34 years here at a local high school where we later raised 2 great daughters and have lifetime friends - you could say we have roots . I have also been a local certified building contractor for over 25 years. This experience comes in handy when I am showing homes as I am able to notice little things that should be pointed out or ease someone's mind with my own personal assessment. This contracting background has also enabled me to share simple suggestions for seller properties such as low-cost cosmetic touch-ups that enhance the curb appeal and speed up the sale of the home.  Our brokerage firm, Starlink Realty, has been here for over 15 years and is the #1 independent brokerage in Lee County. We have over 300 agents working hard for you, regularly topping 100 million dollars in sales annually .
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Zach Symonette

Introducing our newest team member Zach Symonette. Zach has over a decade of personal experience in both commercial and residential real estate. As our newest family member joins our team, we look forward to serving your needs even better .

About Starlink Realty

Starlink Realty was designed and implemented with a clear purpose: to re-define the residential real estate brokerage and bring about positive changes and progress to an industry that has lacked forward thinking for decades. In early 2006, two young brokers decided to challenge conventional wisdom by creating a unique brokerage concept that focused specifically on the needs of real estate agents; an unprecedented proposal for the industry at the time. The results of this unique philosophy have been nothing short of remarkable. By combining new methodologies with world-class support, impeccable training, creativity, and vision, Starlink Realty continues to realize its purpose and mission serving the entire state of Florida.

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